Hope Cove is a beautiful coastal sanctuary, once a favorite haunt for smugglers, now a charming holiday destination.

The picturesque fishing village of Hope Cove is two villages in one - Outer and Inner Hope. At Inner Hope there is a collection of cob or stone cottages,thatch galore, around a tiny square. The windows are bright with geraniums and you need to bow your head to enter the cottages.


The village of Hope Cove nestles in the shelter of Bolt Tail in the curve of Bigbury Bay. With its charming thatched cottages, cleansandy beaches, and peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, Hope Cove offers the ideal holiday retreat. There are miles of delightful and varied scenery along this rugged Heritage Coastline.

There is a nice walk from Hope Cove to Port Light which has a nice pub that serves basic but good seafood out on the Headland...Tel