The Kitchen Garden at ANRÁN


Our Produce

Freshly picked chemical free happy fruit vegetables and flowers

1 A variety of fresh produce is available from the shop or just ask Jeremy what’s available on the day.

2 Take a tour of the gardens and pick your own.

3 Plan in advance and we can cater for larger groups and parties

4 Have a personalised lesson on the “Beyond Organic" concept.

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Tel: 07742932361

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The Kitchen Garden at ANRÁN

About Jeremy

My name is Jeremy and I am the guy who grows the produce at ANRÁN

I have been in farming for over 30 years and in that time, have been involved with cultivating organic fruits and vegetables for some of the leading growers in the country.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that “you are what you eat” and it has never been more important for us to know what we are putting inside our bodies. The maximisation of the nutritional benefit we achieve using our farming methods is in itself something we should value, but the obvious improvement in taste means we can eat more simply and rely less on additives and flavorings. We should think “Mediterranean as opposed to MacDonald’s” We also want to create a “carbon positive garden” which means that by growing what we grow we have a positive impact on the environment.

Beyond Organic

At ANRÁN we were lucky to discover that much of the land had not been farmed for many years and subsequently had the opportunity to cultivate in the knowledge that it was free from pesticides or even animal based compost.
Today we are practicing a method of farming that we consider to be “beyond organic” which is based on the concept that if we “create a healthy soil the rest will follow”.
By using a companion planting method no pesticides are needed. It’s where different species of plants are placed alongside each other which in turn encourages insects. The insects then feed off each other and keep the plants healthy.
We also concentrate on creating healthy soil which leads to healthy plants. If the soil is right than plants are right. This coupled with minimal intervention and tillage along with traditional crop rotation methods makes for strong and nutritious growth.
It’s also about using every bit of the produce we harvest and in some way adapting our cooking methods to use more and throw less and taking any waste, we have and put back into the soil.

Our Land

By creating ponds and lakes we have encouraged a plethora of wildlife in the gardens such as songbirds, reptiles and amphibians. Wood piles are home to insects and fungi, laid hedges are traditionally managed and hazel harvested for trellis and stakes.
We have plants and flowers that encourage pollinators such as bees, bumble bees and butterflies and flowers are grown not just for their look but more so for their scent.
We do hope you enjoy exploring this stunning and diverse slice of Devon.

The Pool

Available with ANRÁN Manor our pool is an ideal place for an event. A large area has been created for a marquee that overlooks the lake.
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The Pool

Clay Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting at ANRAN is really a superb experience. Our local team (dressed in country gear) provide lessons for those who have never held a gun before in their lives or for those more experience have a variety of shoot options available.
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Clay Shooting